What We Offer

Reliable offers the following landscape services in the greater Tucson metropolitan area, including the communities of Marana and Oro Valley:

The customer satisfaction that is derived from these quality services is evident in our customer testimonials, which are available below.

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Landscape Design

Each prospective project begins with on-site meetings with the customer in which we determine what type of final appearance they desire for their yard. We offer years of academic and practical biological, hydrological and geological experience to compliment the final design goals expressed by the customer.

These design goals are then detailed on paper utilizing the latest version of AutoCAD, and are prepared for review and submittal to the customer, the Homeowner’s Association if needed, and any municipal authorities needing to give pre-construction approval to the project. The layers of construction can show drainage patters, irrigation systems, new plantings, modification of ground level contours for either aesthetic or hydrological considerations, water features, and all manner of hardscape elements for the new design.

These same services have also been utilized to map existing mechanical and irrigation control systems at any residential site or commercial facility.

Landscape Construction

Once the plan has be finalized and approved, Reliable then calls upon its many source suppliers to provide all of the materials needed to complete the project. Schedules are drawn up, labor, materials and equipment are brought to the site, and the project is ready to begin.

Drawing a deep reservoir of project management experience, the principals apply best industry practices derived from working with organizations such as the Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Defense, Halliburton, Bechtel, and more than a two dozen Fortune 500 companies such as Pfizer, IBM, and Citibank. Each foreman and supervisor on site has more than 20 years of experience with their particular aspect of the project.

Landscape Renovation

In some cases our customers have lived in their home for years, sometimes decades, and are ready to have their yard renovated. This is another area of specialty for Reliable. We carefully consider the customer’s long term goals, and look to see which elements of the existing landscaping should be kept or “folded into” the new plan.

We then develop a site development plan that not only will address the customer’s desires, but will achieve this with a minimal amount of impact on the rest of the property. In many instances our customers have told us that the outcome of our renovation efforts exceeded their greatest expectations, and that their only regret is that they did not bring us in sooner!

Landscape Maintenance

Reliable does not typically advertize or solicit new maintenance customers, but we do offer that service to customers for whom we have either installed a new yard, or whose yard we have recently renovated. We offer this as a “value added” benefit, so that they can be insured that their investment in the new or newly renovated yard is cared for correctly going forward. These customers find this a significant advantage to have the property cared for buy the same company that not only designed the yard, but also truly understands the long term goals the customer had for the property.

customer testimonials